Stringent Controls To Meet International Quality Standards

We exceed the following International Quality Standards:
  • ASTM D3578

  • FDA

  • EN455

  • CE Marking

  • AS/NZS 4011

  • Control and validation to ensure maximum adherence to quality standards at each step of the manufacturing process.

  • Quality assurance programs for all stages of production to ensure against defects.

  • Environmental controls to limit any airborne contamination.

  • Lot numbers control for traceability and accountability for each production batch.

    Environmentally-friendly Water Treatment plant.

    The administration department.

  • Production And Quality Control Process

    Discharging latex into storage tanks.

    Dipping process.

    Leaching process.

    Stripping station.

    Water-tight test.

    Packing Department.

    Packaged gloves stored in warehouse.

    Transporting for export.